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Today in the locker room, while walking back to my locker after taking a shower, there was a lean muscular guy completely naked with a very big, flaccid dick. It was very beautiful and I couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds. Then he looked right at me, so I had to look away. I wanted a few more seconds to get a perfect mental image. 

Honestly, I think he wanted to show off. He was standing exactly in the middle of the locker room, exactly at the spot the first thing anyone sees coming out of the bathroom area. Also, his front body was positioned at an angle for perfect viewing, not rushing to put on any clothes. Besides, he was completely naked before working out…who does that? 

I don’t stare at men in the locker room much, as I try to mind my own business. Besides most people in my gym look disgusting naked. I only stare for the big dicks. The only other time I stared for a long time was a few months ago at a man with a HUGE dick that was flapping over his big balls while walking mighty confidently to the showers. Again, I think he wanted to show off. I mean, he was carrying the towel in his hand, not over the waist like the rest of us. 

Anyway, my question is how do I look at these dicks but not get caught doing it? Does anyone have any techniques? I want to be ready for the next big “dicked” man I see. Although I strongly believe these men want other guys to look. I bet they get off over it. Ideally, I want to strike conversation with them while their naked so I can look even longer. Any tips?

Okay, now I have to jerk off to the image of his massive penis. Be back soon.

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  3. nakedfnac answered: Of course they want to show off.. They ARE showing… So look as much as you can….
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  5. jcbottom answered: I just stare blantantly in the hopes that they might be interested in taking it further….
  6. collectem25 answered: They want to show off. I’ve done the same when in the mood…
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